Saturday, December 24, 2016

Racism - it is an illusion of the real problem.

Racism, in most situations, is not indemic of an entire culture or race.  I say this knowing that there has been genocide in various countries throughout the world, but it does not always involve racism, it is sometimes backed by religion.

I have met thousands of people from all different cultures over the past 65 years or so, and I can count the number of true racists that I have met on two fingers of my left hand.  Yes, out of thousands, only two.

I can't go into the reasons why these two persons became racists, but my suspicion is that one was taught it by his parents and the other experienced a traumatic incident with another particular race, and this affected his judgement of all persons from that race.

However, I have met numerous people in my lifetime that use the word 'racist' as if it was a privilege, because they are not white.  The first was a native Canadian that had been raped by her family when she was a child, and for some reason transferred all her hate onto the white man.

Another, was a black woman, that believed that she should get everything she wanted, and it by any chance, a person of another culture or race got it, they were racists.  Or the system was rigged against her particular race.

Another was an employee, that was the nicest person you would ever meet, when she applied and was interviewed for the position.  She was sweet and completely competant during her first 6 months of work (the probationary period), and then she suddenly changed like a light bulb going out.  She started sloughing off in her job, stirring up animosity with her fellow employees, and pushing for an advantage for advancement.  When it finally reached the point of a grievance being filed, the racist word was flung in my face.

I could go on, but you get the picture.  It seems that people from minorities (and not in all cases) use the 'race' word as a last resort for trying to get something they want and didn't receive, or as a defense for their own inadequacy.  Whether it being indoctrinated into them by parents or friends, or just learned through their own experiences, the result is the same - they try to get others to follow their lead and become as racist as they are.

Now this is not to say that it is only races other than white people that use the word racist as their last option.  I would assume that if a minority of white people living in a predominantly black/asian/other country didn't get their way, they could just as easily use the 'racist' word against their dominating culture.

My final point, as always, Islam.  I find that Islam is the worst of the worst in the racism race.  They have been taught, and continue to teach their children, that women are second class, just above Jews and Infidels (anyone that doesn't follow their faith), that gays should be thrown off roofs, that bad women should be stoned to death; and that everyone else that doesn't follow their corrupt religion, should be beheaded.  Not only that, it is a religion that once you enter, death is the only option if you want to leave.

It is the most racist of all religions, and it has affected numerous Middle Eastern cultures and wants to spread to the entire earth.  Amazingly, the West appears to accept their racism with open arms.  How ridiculous is that?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Justin Trudeau the first year..

Here are the most important Election Promises (made to almost every minority group imaginable). Let's face it, he got elected because women thought he was handsome, pot smokers thought he would legalize pot, his name was Trudeau, he liked gays and Muslims and aboriginals and transvestites and lesbians and women and men and little children, and especially refugees that aren't really refugees.  He's just an all around nice guy, and besides, Harper was too secretive.

— A cabinet with as many women as men. (All appointments based fairly on competence, not discrimination...hahaha)
— A 20.5 per cent income tax rate for Canadians earning between $45,282 and $90,563, down from 22 per cent. (Of course this will be completely eliminated after implementation of the Carbon Tax)
— A new 33 per cent tax bracket for those earning more than $200,000. (Wonder what it is)
— Create a new, more generous child benefit. (Almost negligible)
— Restore mandatory long form census. (Whoa, glad he accomplished this)
— Unmuzzle scientists. (Haven't really seen any results of this yet)
— Create an arm's length advisory board to recommend merit-based, non-partisan nominees for the Senate. (Seems like all new Senate appointments have been old cronies, just like the past)
— Ensure process of appointing Supreme Court justices is more transparent, inclusive and accountable to Canadians. Trudeau's only pick for the top court thus far, Malcolm Rowe, was one of five recommended by a new independent, non-partisan advisory board. The board's chair, one-time prime minister Kim Campbell, and Rowe are to appear separately to answer questions about the appointment from a Commons committee.
— Withdraw Canadian fighter jets from Syria and Iraq, beef up humanitarian aid and military support to train Iraqi ground forces. (And just what was this to accomplish anyway)
— Launch a national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women. (What about murdered women in general)
— Create a parliamentary oversight committee on national security operations (this is probably comprised of Muslim friends).
— The first phase ($11.9 billion over two years) of an additional $60 billion over 10 years in infrastructure spending (for other countries infrastructures, not Canada, but our grandchildren will be paying for this forever).
— Scrap income splitting for couples with children (great promise for idiots)
— Roll back to $5,500 the $10,000 annual limit on tax-free savings account contributions (whoa, this is a real help, and people voted for him because of this?)
— Restore the age of eligibility for old age security and guaranteed income supplement to 65 from 67 (ooops, but now let's change it back).
— Work with the provinces to enhance the Canada Pension Plan (work with Provinces, that's a joke, and they are now trying to decrease it not enhance it).
— Provide a refundable tax benefit of up to $150 to teachers who spend their own money on school supplies (what about other workers?)
— Invest $2.6 billion over four years for First Nations education, although it is now over five years.
— Restore funding cut by the Conservatives for the CBC (they should eliminate the CBC).
— Expand the youth summer jobs program.
— Reopen nine Veterans Affairs offices closed by the Conservatives (where?)
— Increase financial benefits for veterans whose careers are impacted by injury (I'm sure it is an adequate increase).
— Welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada, although it took several months longer than promised and only about 15,000 were government-assisted refugees; the rest were privately sponsored (that weren't actual refugees in need. Some had to be bribed to come).
— Increase funding for student grants by 50 per cent (how about writing off the interest on these loans altogether?)
— Create the prime minister's youth council. (with a bunch of SJW whiners probably)
— Reform employment insurance to reduce the wait time before claiming EI, cut the number of hours an individual must have worked to receive benefits.
— Repeal Conservative legislation that allowed the government to revoke the citizenship of dual citizens convicted of terrorism, treason or espionage (how stupid are these people?)

— Run deficits of less than $10 billion in each of the first three years of the mandate, still reducing the debt-to-GDP ratio each year and balancing the books in the final year. The Liberals' inaugural budget projects deficits for at least five years, totalling $113 billion, including almost $30 billion this year alone. The government hopes to lower the debt-to-GDP ratio over the course of the mandate.
— The tax break for middle-income earners was to be "revenue neutral," paid for by hiking taxes on the wealthiest one per cent. In fact, it will cost the federal treasury $1.2 billion a year.
— Reduce the small business tax rate to nine per cent from 11 per cent.
— Maintain funding level for the Canadian Armed Forces. Government pushed back $3.7 billion for new equipment to 2020.
— Immediately scrap the planned $44-billion purchase of F-35 stealth fighter jets, launch open and transparent competition to replace the current CF-18 fighter jets and reallocate the savings to the navy.
— Immediately invest $3 billion over four years to improve home care. This promise is now tied to negotiations with the provinces and territories on a new health accord which the government hopes to have in place next year.
— Cap how much can be claimed through the stock option deduction on annual gains higher than $100,000.
— Trudeau's verbal promise to "restore" door-to-door home mail delivery. The government is committed only to stopping any further reduction in home delivery while it conducts a review of Canada Post's operations.

— Replace Canada's first-past-the-post voting system by the next federal election. An all-party committee is to report by Dec. 1 on the best alternative but a consensus may yet prove impossible to find (whatever happens, you can bet it is the Liberal's favor - oops, people didn't go their way so they dropped it).
— Legalize marijuana. A task force is to report by Nov. 30 and the government is promising legislation next spring (said he can't do it without breaking treaties.  Funny how other governments are able to do it, but at least he is cracking down on pot stores and sellers).
— Overhaul the Access to Information Act to make government open "by default." (Just ask The Rebel how this is going).
— Amend controversial anti-terrorism legislation passed by the previous Conservative government. The government has launched consultations and is in the process of creating a parliamentary oversight committee on national security. (what national security? and actually he has now introduced anti-Islamophobia legislation so Canadians can't even complain about the Muslim invasion)
— Renew commitment to peacekeeping. The government has announced it will commit up to 600 troops and 150 police officers to UN peacekeeping missions but has yet to decide where to deploy them (yeah, and they can't fire unless fired upon - sitting ducks, and let's donate to the UN so we can look wonderful in their eyes).
— Review of criminal justice reforms undertaken by the previous Conservative government.
— Ban partisan government advertising, appoint an advertising commissioner to police the ban. An advertising commissioner has not been appointed but, as an interim measure, the government has asked Advertising Standards Canada to conduct independent and public reviews of government ads and has asked the auditor general to evaluate the effectiveness of that mechanism. It is promising to eventually entrench in legislation third-party oversight of government ads.

— Reform election laws: repeal controversial elements of the Fair Elections Act, restore the independence of elections watchdogs, create an independent commission to organize leaders' debates during campaigns, limit party spending between elections.
— Implement all 94 recommendations made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the lingering effects of residential schools on indigenous peoples (glad they are good at looking at fixing the past rather than our future)
— Re-establish lifelong disability pensions for veterans (don't hold your breath, veterans are freezing in the streets while immigrants get free housing)
— Cover the cost of four years of post-secondary education for every vet (I don't think they know what a veteran is)
— Reform the operation of Parliament, including empowering backbenchers with more free votes, a weekly prime minister's question period, more open board of internal economy meetings and an end to omnibus bills (I think the anti-Islamophobia bill came from one of these morons).
— Create an office of counter-radicalization to deal with the phenomenon of home-grown extremists. (while changing laws against Canadians to create home-grown extremists).

— Adhere to the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which states that no law or project can proceed without the “free, prior and informed consent" of indigenous people impacted by them. Some aboriginal leaders believe that confers a veto over natural resource projects. The government, which recently approved the Site C hydro dam and Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal in B.C. over aboriginal objections, says it doesn't.
— Collaborate with premiers. Trudeau has met twice with first ministers to craft a national strategy on climate change and is scheduled to do so again before the end of the year. But he's also infuriated some premiers by unilaterally announcing that the federal government will impose a floor price on carbon pollution — $10 per tonne starting in 2018 rising to $50 per tonne by 2022 — on provinces and territories that don't do it on their own. (Trudeau is showing scorn for other Provinces except Quebec, just like daddy did). 

He's further angered them by sticking with the previous Conservative government's unilateral decision to limit annual increases in health transfer payments to the provinces to no more than three per cent, ending the six per cent escalator that's been in place since 2004.
— Restore public trust in environmental assessments of resource-based projects. While it develops new rules, the government has established an interim process imposing more stringent environmental hurdles and consultations with indigenous peoples. But the National Energy Board's review of the controversial Energy East pipeline proposal has been stalled due to complaints about NEB members meeting privately with proponents of the project.
— Lift the two-per-cent cap on annual First Nations program funding. Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett insists the cap was lifted in the government's inaugural budget, which included a "historic" investment of $8.4 billion over five years for aboriginal education, water systems, family and child services and other programs. But some First Nations chiefs are suspicious that the cap won't actually be lifted for another year.  (One good thing, he has eliminated chiefs/bands necessity to show where the billions are spent, thus ensuring band members starve and freeze, while the chiefs and their families can easily steal).

It appears that the only two things this government is good at.  Spending tax dollars like they were throwing out the garbage, and showing the world how 'Entitled' his little political group thinks of themselves.  Does this man actually hate Canada?  It sure looks like it, when he is here and not vacationing with his buddies at Soros and other multi-millionaire NWO promoters.

Please feel free to comment or add/subtract as you wish.

So, if Mohammad talked to God, and God told him...

that it was OK to screw and marry children as long as they had sort of reached puberty (about 8 or 9 years old), does that make God a pedophile too?  Or are there more than one God?  One telling Muslims they can rape children, and one telling Christians that this is not acceptable.  Or, are Muslims just the chosen people, and they get all the benefits above everyone else?

Or has the Christian Religion misled it's followers, and it actually is OK to rape children, they just forgot to tell us.  If there are two Gods, why tell one religion one thing and another the opposite?

It is my opinion, as someone who believes them-self to be relatively good, I would go with the Christian option - that it is not OK to rape young children, because they are still too young to understand what is happening to them.  What do you think?

Friday, November 25, 2016

When the media portrays corruption as commonplace, we are in trouble

People have become so complacent when reading the news about corrupt politicians, bankers, and corporations.  The news media does not show outrage, as it should, they at times even seem to revere these parasites.

The American Political System has seen a decade or two of corruption, and I was beginning to believe that people were so used to dealing with corruption, that they would elect it in again.  That being said, we will have to wait and see if things will change, as promised.

In Canada, our sheep voted in the Liberals.  It is my guess that they were tired of Harper not being forthright with the public.  Although I'm not sure if he was blatantly corrupt, like most politicians, what we got WAS a completely corrupt government.  Not only are they corrupt they are a bunch of racists, calling all those that disagree with their immigration policies racist.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

The Liberals follow the immigration laws when kicking out people that lied on their immigration papers, but continue to keep a minister that lied on her application.  They have spent us into around 30 billion into debt this year alone, and tell us the budget will balance itself.  Sure it will, if they succeed in taxing the Canadian people yet again with their Carbon Tax.  All the while they fly around in their private jets, giving millions of our tax dollars away to foreign governments (some of them that support terrorism), while neglecting our needy at home.

All that is done about this treachery, is a few politicians stand up in the sand box and call them names.  Our political system is like a bunch of spoiled brats playing in their Legislative Sand Box, collecting pay and benefits that they don't come close to earning.  At the same time, this group of idiots is making laws for everyday hard-working Canadians, whereas, most of these entitled have not really worked a full day in their lives.

I see people in Europe starting to stand up to this decadent government system, people in the USA have finally spoken;  now I am waiting for something truly marvelous to happen in Canada.  I won't hold my breath.  Meanwhile the CBC and other BS artists keep hiding the truth and covering up for those that have stooped to the lowest of morals (if they even know what they are).

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What we've learned from the 2016 USA Presidential Election..

1. Our politicians can be bought.  If you donate enough money to their political party headquarters, they will do and say exactly what you tell them to.  Thus the conspiracy theory about politicians being solely the puppets of financial masters  is true.
2. The news media is corrupt to the core.  What can be done about this is a good question.  Should we leave it up to the new President to deal with, or will these antiquated companies fail due to lack of customers, or be replaced by honest journalism on the internet?  If the ownership or management of these conglomerates is changed, will that force them to become news providers again?
3. Some people are truly sheep when it comes to voting.  They can support their party without question, even if it is obvious that they are corrupt to the core - including it's leadership.  Sure, you can blame the corrupt news media for misleading them, but it comes down to one simple question.  If it is obvious that Hillary has lied under oath and potentially committed treason, and that Donald said some bad things years ago and acts like a bull at times; even if both of these are true will I still vote for Hillary?  If so, those particular Hillary votes should be attributed to insanity or just plain old blind stupidity.
4. In general, the entire democratic system (as we know it) does not work as well as it should.  When the only people that run for leadership are rich, or rich and corrupt to the core, what does this say about hard-working Americans being able to run the country.  You can be the most honest and giving person in the world, but under the present system (without financing) you can never become President.
5. The American people, and yes, even the world, is in for some future changes.  Let's hope that Donald Trump's promises were sincere.  If so, I hope the changes will be positive.  Now, my last question, is will Hillary and her associates go to jail?  Oh, and please don't send all your losers to Canada.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

21st Century - What in hell is happening?

I've seen a few changes in my last 64 years on earth, but nothing like the first decade of the 21st Century.  Some could describe it as the age of Insanity, but if you look at events closely, you'll see that there is a plan being implemented that is anything but insane, although extremely difficult to understand.

The world has always been fraught with wars.  Wars over lands, wars over religions, wars over differences in opinions and cultures, and lately, wars over greed and power.  All wars have one final outcome - people die, people gain power and yet others get rich.  At the end of may of these wars, the winners and losers are written in history, but there appear to be others that have spawned these wars with other motives, that go hidden from sight.

Today, we see a new and insidious type of war being fought.  There are no apparent battlegrounds, no apparent generals leading their soldiers, and no obvious outcome of the battle itself.  Many of us do not even know who started the war or which side we should truly be on.  Right and wrong have been blurred beyond the point of comprehension.  Sure, we can see some of the battlefields, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.; but we can't see past the death and destruction to understand what is truly going on.

We have watched the USA and UN trying to control the oilfields of the world, and covertly try to topple governments that they perceive as anti-USA, and we can see countries like China and Russia trying to protect their sovereignty over their own populations, but with the recent influx of Islam into Europe and the West, we are completely perplexed as to why our governments are more intent on protecting our invaders than protecting their own citizens.

Religions that are part of the heritage of the West have been controlled and diminished to the point they are almost non-existent, and nationalism ridiculed; whereas Islam has been promoted and allowed to flourish in our schools and governing systems. While our liberties have been eroded over the past decade or so, we see more and more rights given to outside religions.  Of course calling Islam a religion is sort of like calling our governments 'For the People'.  Islam is more of a plague than a religion.

I see that the world has come down to basically two governing bodies.  On one side you have the Islamic disease that controls most of the oil resources in the world.  They use these vast revenues to control their own citizens and also to influence governments in non-Islamic societies.  Although they only have about 1/4 of the worlds population under their control, their control over their own people is utterly complete.

They not only have control over their citizens minds, but also their religion and their government; complete control, from birth to the grave.  Their people must accept Islam, forever, and follow everything told to them by their Imams, without fail.  Otherwise they are cast out and killed.  They cannot insult Islam, and are taught, from a very early age, just who is accepted and who should be killed.

l can understand why they are now infiltrating other non-Islamic societies because their ultimate objective is to convert everyone to their Islamic religion and control the entire earth with Sharia Law.  What a perfect world it would be if everyone worshiped Allah 5 times a day, and displayed undying allegiance to their system.  And perhaps it was the West's meddling in their culture that has led to their apparent push back.

What I can't understand for the life of me, is why our Western and European leaders are allowing a group of people that hate us (and ultimately would wish us all dead), to enter our countries and live among us without assimilating and showing utter contempt for us.  Not only that, they mindfully pay them to live here.  Even going so far as to allow them religions freedoms that no other religion is allowed, and we have numerous goody two-shoes liberals wanting to bring them in by the thousands/millions.  Anyone that disagrees with them has 300-400 years of racism thrown in their faces to make them feel guilty about turning the bad ones away.

On the other side of the coin, we have us.  Controlled by about 1% of the elites of the world, we live relatively free in countries that still allow a resemblance of free thinking.  We can worship who/what we want, we are able to support our families, and live our lives in relative comfort.  Our society allows us to speak our minds, to choose our own paths, and be whatever we want to be.  Of course, we pay a price for our complacency.

Governments have become more corrupt, religious leaders have become lazy, and most people are so concerned with their lives that they don't see the big picture.  Not only do the rich control the finances of our world, they control what we eat and what we are told by the news media.  Our politicians no longer represent the people, but represent the interests of the elites and themselves.

I'm not sure if our governments are afraid of this new threat arriving on our shores, or if they have been paid to ignore it, and in many cases, to even support it.  This leads to the question.  Why are our governments allowing this threat to come into our countries and live next door to us?  It is like mixing water and oil.  Are they expecting civil war to erupt?  If so, what is the objective?  Or are the majority of Western leaders actually closet Muslims?

Of course, warmongers like Halliburton and others, make their money from wars, and I can clearly see why they would allow this situation.  And of course, these companies have politicians in their pockets, just like other large corporations do;  but if a civil war erupts, won't the population be destroyed, thus leading to less income for these instigators?

Maybe it is all just a big game, and the Rockefeller's and Rothschild's are laughing at the situation they have created.  They are gleefully watching as the world destroys itself and the New World Order takes control.  Maybe they are aliens in human form, and we are all just an experiment; with them creating a variety of conflicts to see what happens.

Anyway, whomever is creating this new world conflict, they are doing a great job of it.  Political puppets are mixing two opposite cultures, disowning their own people, while allowing the new culture to force itself upon their citizens; and even going so far as to control the news media to hide ugly atrocities such as rape and murder.  Western civilization is now operating under three sets of rules.  One for the rich, one for the poor and another for the new immigrants.  One system is difficult enough to manage, let alone three.

They are now allowing them to flaunt their noisy religion in the West's faces, while slowly creeping into their school system.  One must admit, our government is ensuring this friction continues for generations to come - unless, of course, civil war erupts soon.

The next decade or two should be interesting, at best.  What will be the outcome?  If you have any insight into why this is happening, I'd love to hear your ideas.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Who says Trudeau hasn't converted to Islam.

Less than a week before the 2nd anniversary of the murders of two Canadian Citizens (who were also soldiers), in front of our Parliament Buildings, this scene unfolded.  Also, let it be known, that Trudeau did nothing of importance to honor these deaths on October 22, 2016.  Talk about a slap in to face to Canadians as a whole.

Not honoring our murdered citizens, but honoring the religion that was responsible for their deaths. Stupidity, Racism or Treason, you be the judge.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Legal information for refugees entering Canada.

I have seen information on immigration laws in Canada, re-uniting refugee families, how the refugee process works and a refugees rights after entering Canada; but nothing giving refugees a basic understanding of the everyday laws in Canada.  Laws such as assault, rape, minor children, kidnapping for the purpose of human trafficking, treatment of gays and lesbians, equality of all (including women), and the list goes on.

Time and time again, I have heard of refugees breaking our laws and the laws of other European and Western countries, and nothing is done because they use the excuse that they didn't know, or that they had sexual urges that they couldn't control.  Well, isn't it about time that all refugees and immigrants are given an outline of Canada's basic laws before they come here, so that if they break them, they are treated just like everyone else - or is that idea just too outlandish a thought?

Perhaps our glorious Federal Government should produce a pamphlet, in various languages, for this important purpose.  What do you think?

It could include such important things like:

1. The legal age in Canada is 19 years of age.  Sexual contact with anyone under that age by anyone over that age is considered rape, and you will probably go to jail.
2. Gays and Lesbians are treated the same as anyone else, and women, are considered equal to men.
3. All types of religion are accepted in Canada, and you have the right to practice your own religion, but not force it upon others.
4. Religion and Government are two distinct things, and one does not affect the other.  There is only one law in Canada and that is found in it's constitution.
5. Using any kind of physical force on another person is considered assault, and you could go to jail.  Even threatening bodily harm another person can be considered illegal.
6. Drinking and driving vehicles is illegal if your blood/alcohol level is too high.
7. If you cause the death of another person, that is considered murder in most cases, and you will probably go to jail.
8. If you are not a citizen of Canada and you are a threat to Canadians, you will be deported.  Oops, I think the Liberals believe this is incorrect and racist.
9. Defecating in public is illegal.
10. Disturbing the quiet enjoyment of others is illegal.

Please feel free to add to this list.

If a leader gives refuge to the enemy of his country, are they a traitor, or can they use stupidity as a defense?

Decide for yourself.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Justin Trudeau, In a nutshell.

First, be sure to give his bio a read:

As you can tell, he comes with unlimited experience to be the leader of a Nation called Canada. His father was previously a Prime Minister of Canada, which should immediately qualify him for the position - well, by name that is.  He was raised mainly by nannies, thus he feels no guilt, I am sure, for doing the same for his children.

The first 27 years of his life were glorious - living in a nice house, being raised by professionals, never wanting for anything and traveling around the globe, and then receiving the best education possible for the elites of the world.  In fact, he spent over 20 of these 27 years going to priveleged learning institutions in the East, and even slummed out west at UBC in Vancouver.

He then decided to try his hand at actually working like normal people, and was a substitute teacher at high-profile places like West Point Gray and Churchill.  Obviously working for a living sucked a little, so he decided on furthering his education and becoming an engineer.  After a year, he quit.  Then it was off to complete his masters degree.  Oops, another mistake, and he quit that after a year also.

In 2008, 8 years after his fathers death, and finding no normal career that satisfied him, he decided to enter politics.  He had finally found his place.  He was easily elected because of his name, and besides, all the girls thought he was extremely good looking;  and as we say, the rest is history.

All I can say is, I am sure glad we have a Prime Minister who is so experienced in all facets of life - someone I can truly look up to and respect their well-thought decisions.  Not only is he a politicial genius in many ways, he has demonstrated complete honesty in his election platform - something that few other politicians have ever done.

You know, like promising to legalize pot in Canada.  A small thing that won him thousands of votes from Canadian pot smokers.  Oops, he wasn't able to do that just yet.

Oh, and promising to make the Government more open and honest.  Well, that may just have to wait too.  Maybe until after he can buy his way into the UN.

Also, treating aboriginals more fairly, making better immigration laws, and all of this with only a small deficit of 10 billion (or 30, or 40 or somewhere around that) this first year of office.  I won't even get into fighting ISIS, protecting our Canadian Culture or looking after Canadians in need before giving billions to outsiders and refugees.

I guess I am just from the wrong generation.  You know the generation that can still think and look at all sides of an issue to determine where the truth lies.  Oh well, the people that elected this twit, have become so complacent that they would vote for an egg if it looked cute.

The future should be interesting for little Justin and his Liberals, because they promised everyone everything to get elected.  They promised the Muslims, the Aboriginals, Gays, Feminists, Banks, Corporations, Pot Smokers and about everyone else you could think of.  Now all of these groups are demanding payment for their support, and many of them sit on opposite sides of the fence.  Let's hope it all starts to unravel soon.  I have my popcorn, and am patiently waiting for the show.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I had to repost - 21 things Liberals have eliminated in North America

With all of the ridiculous new regulations, coddling, and societal mores that seem to be the norm these days, it’s a miracle those of us over 30 survived our childhoods.
Here’s the problem with all of this babying: it creates a society of weenies.
  1. Riding in the back of an open pick-up truck with a bunch of other kids
  2. Leaving the house after breakfast and not returning until the streetlights came on, at which point, you raced home, ASAP so you didn’t get in trouble
  3. Eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the school cafeteria
  4. Drinking water from the hose in the yard
  5. Swimming in creeks, rivers, ponds, and lakes (or what they now call *cough* “wild swimming“)
  6. Climbing trees (One park cut the lower branches from a tree on the playground in case some stalwart child dared to climb them)
  7. Having snowball fights (and accidentally hitting someone you shouldn’t)
  8. Sledding without enough protective equipment to play a game in the NFL
  9. Carrying a pocket knife to school (or having a fishing tackle box with sharp things on school property)
  10. Camping
  11. Throwing rocks at snakes in the river
  12. Playing politically incorrect games like Cowboys and Indians
  13. Playing Cops and Robbers with *gasp* toy guns
  14. Pretending to shoot each other with sticks we imagined were guns
  15. Shooting an actual gun or a bow (with *gasp* sharp arrows) at a can on a log, accompanied by our parents who gave us pointers to improve our aim. Heck, there was even a marksmanship club at my high school
  16. Saying the words “gun” or “bang” or “pow pow” (there is actually a freakin’CODE about “playing with invisible guns”)
  17. Working for your pocket money well before your teen years
  18. Eating pop rocks candy and drinking soda, just to prove we were exempt from that urban legend that said our stomachs would explode.
  19. Writing lines for being a jerk at school, either on the board or on paper.
  20. Playing “dangerous” games like dodgeball, kickball, tag, whiffle ball, and red rover (The Health Department of New York issued a warning about the “significant risk of injury” from these games)
  21. Walking to school alone

Old Sayings that should be brought back...

1.  Spare the rod, spoil the child - If a child does not realize that there are consequences for their actions, they will grow up to be spoiled adults that have no respect for authority.

2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (Bible) - treat others with respect and kindness no matter their race or religion.  The world is an inhumane place today because many do NOT follow this simple guideline.

3.When one door closes, another opens - life is about seeing opportunities and taking them when the time is right.  At times when it seems that all is lost, something appears that gives you a new chance.

4. What goes around, comes around (Karma) - if you are positive, positive things will come your way, and vice versa.  Be careful of who you hurt, it could come back on you tenfold.

5. There are only two things for certain in this world, death and taxes.  The first you can do nothing about except possibly extend it through good/healthy living.  The second can be delayed, reduced or even evaded (legally, of course).

6. Nothing ventured, nothing gained - don't just talk about things you would like to change, do it.

7. Silence shows you agree - if you see an injustice and are silent, you are agreeing and supporting that injustice.

8. Aggression unchallenged is aggression unleashed - if you do NOT fight against an aggressor, they will become more aggressive.

9. Beware of your anxiety to avoid war, you may obtain a master - being afraid to stand up for your values could soon have you living by someone else's values.

10. Absence makes the heart grow fonder - this is so true in many romantic situations of true love.  It can work the opposite way if the romance has died.

11. If all men were just, there would be no need for valor - when a justice system does not treat all equally, the valiant are needed to repair it.

12. Variety is the spice of life - whether you are talking about food, travel, etc. this can be the thing that makes your life interesting.

13. What power has law where only money rules - money in control of society creates a system that is perverse, not honorable.

14. If knowledge does not guide our actions, it is dead - knowledge is useless if not used.

Monday, August 15, 2016

What's wrong with Canada - Top 10

10. Canada has three sets of rules, one for French Canadians, one for Aboriginals and one for everyone else.  It is not truly ONE united country and never will be, unless laws apply to everyone equally.  Multiculturism does not appear to be working, as long as governments bend to the will of one group or another, to the detriment of the general population.  It is more like a fog that has come in and made everyone grouchy, and governments not able to see in front of their faces.
9.  Quebec has been threatening to separate for years.  Let them, and let them take their portion of the national debt with them.
8.  Governments have been throwing money at the Aboriginal community for over a century.  All it has done is make them lazy and dependent on taxpayer handouts, and of course, it's made a few of their leaders rich, while their members starve.  Stop patronizing them for injuries our ancestors caused, so they will get off their asses and work like every other human being.
7.  Stop selling (or giving away control of) our countries natural resources - like the forests, fish, wheat, oil, etc; and the worst- our countries borrowing policy that has eliminated the Bank of Canada.  When foreign companies have control of our resources, environmental and the public's issues are ignored.  Also, jobs leave the country along with the resources.
6.  Eliminate the senate, or at the least, elect them.  They are a complete waste of taxpayers dollars and another example of political patronage.
5.  Stop corporations, banks, or anyone else that could benefit from a politician being elected, from donating to political parties.  Wouldn't it be wonderful for a change to have an honest politician running that makes decisions based on 'what's best for the people'.
4.  Once elected, politicians seem to think they can make any decision that they want, based on the presumption that they have the voters behind them.  They DON'T in most instances (for instance, inexperienced Justin Trudeau won with only 39.5 % of the popular vote).  They must be made accountable, and if they do not do what's best for Canadians, they must be fired.  Perhaps if we have an elected senate, their main job could be to fire incompetent politicians
3.  The entire income tax system has to be revamped.  Although corporations should be given some sort of tax incentive to continue business, particularly when they employ Canadians, they must still pay their fair share.  Otherwise, give citizens the rights to the same write-offs bushiness's enjoy.
2.  Immigration.  Of course we should open our doors to those from unfortunate countries, but rules must be in place to ensure they are not dangerous, assimilate into Canadian culture (and not vice-versa), and contribute to the economy;  not become a drain on it.  Checking that they are not terrorists might be a logical first step.
1.  Educate the voting public.  When a person wins an election simply because he promises to legalize an illegal drug, his name is famous or they don't like the other guy, and the girls think he is good looking; then that population's morons are in dire need of being taught some common sense.

FYI - 
Canadian Prime Minister Salary - $170,000 annually + benefits
Contribution to PP for 6 years - $51,000, Taxpayers portion $1,188,000
Annual Pension - $139,000 annually in the past, now (after Harper's amendments) about $50,000 annually for life.
Pretty good for a guy elected because he is supposedly good looking, and promised to make it legal to get stoned. I think the voters that elected him WERE probably stoned already.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Political Correctness - Social Insanity

Political Correctness is taking over the world, and it is not going to be pretty when it falls.  During the past 20 years or so, it has created a bunch of spineless wimps that believe in nothing but themselves; and bullying others.  Oh sorry, they also believe in defending any culture or group that has somehow created the illusion that they are suffering human rights violations.

The list of these liberal downtrodden is extensive.  Women, Muslims, Blacks, Aboriginals, Gays, Bi's, Transsexuals, students, and the list goes on.  The only people that it doesn't seem to include are the TRULY neglected are rape victims, non-Muslims, victims of violent crime, and anyone that believes in free speech.  This group of real victims are actually being abused, not helped.

The scary thing is, these left wing goody two shoes actually think they are doing the right thing by ignoring any other ideas but their own.  They were once the quiet spoken 'lovers of everyone and everything' that have now become themselves, the schoolyard bullies.  Maybe this is a natural progression.  The bullied are fighting back, but they are not fighting fair.

Now we have been forced to allow people that associate with a particular sex to basically use the washroom of their choice.  Let's see, I'm a man, but today I associate with being a woman or a 'transgender' in today's terms, and I demand to use the woman's washroom.  Or perhaps, I am a woman, but today I feel quite manly, so I will use the men's washroom.  Crap, I hope none of these mental cases decide to associate with a mass murderer today.

The new generation of leaders today have no sense of nationality, sexuality, or humanity left.  The believe in nothing and will not stand up for important issues, unless they are non-violent and meet their own personal criteria of righteousness.  When cornered, they revert to name-calling (racist, islamophobia, etc.) rather to act like an adult and try to rationally solve the problem.

We have created a bunch of whiners that run away from a confrontation (or when any disagreement triggers fear in they nimble minds) and hide in their safe places.  I wonder if they will wake up before it is too late and they are dominated by one of the gangs they are trying to protect.  Heaven help us all with these fools in charge.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Post safely people...

Someone suggested recently to never use your real name or address on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Perhaps people should take this a step further, and whenever mentioning Muslims or Islam, use code words.  You know like our RCMP are already called pigs and politicians are called leeches; perhaps Muslims can be labelled cockroaches and Islam can be called sewage (to describe the men that like to rape young women).

Then you can say that in Cologne recently; 1000's of cockroaches attacked and raped women in the name of sewage, while the Pig's did nothing, and the Leeches ignored the entire situation.  Witnesses heard the perpetrators yelling something like 'A lot at the Bar'.  This situation, and others like it, are flushing the entirety of the EU down the toilet.

Then at the least if you use a false identity online, and in addition, using these simple code-words, the politically correct police won't be able to track you down (or at least you'll make their job extremely difficult); instead of chasing the real criminals.

Canada has hit rock bottom when cockroaches can injure and rape our citizens in the name of their shitty religion, and the citizens cannot even protest; for fear of being publicly displayed and humiliated.  The cockroaches are the ones that should be harassed.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Muslims have one, and one only mentality - MOB

Have you ever noticed that when Muslims live in any country that is government by another religion, or any other laws rather than Sharia, they are docile and try to blend into their surroundings.  They don't create trouble, they appear to assimilate, and they actually act like true citizens.  Of course, we don't know if they are secretly planning terrorist attacks on their host country, or sending money to terrorists back home, but their appearance is one of acceptance.

But give them a few friends and a place to pray, and they become disruptors.  Disruptors meaning that they complain about anything and anyone that is not supportive of Islam.  They disrupt the legal system, they disrupt the press, and they eventually will try to infiltrate the host countries political system and disrupt the entire country.  Groups of Muslims chant 'racist', 'Islamophobe' and any other slur that will distract everyone from their true intentions.

Their true intentions are clearly spelled out in their holy book, the Quran.  Any Westerner that reads it and still thinks Islam is a religion of 'peace' is either a fool or an idiot.  And recently, there appear to be a never ending supply of idiots in Europe and North America.  When they are the minority, they are not only allowed, but instructed to, lie and cheat to all infidels (non-Muslims), to achieve their ultimate goal.  Destroy anyone not of their faith.  They still Mob whenever possible, but it is when they reach a majority that the Mob turns really nasty.

In countries that have a Muslim majority, they are not only the religious leaders, but also the government.  Islam is both religion and governance, and they govern with an iron fist.  No one can break any of their ridiculous rules without fear of severe punishment or even death.  Women are second class citizens, but much further up the line from infidels.  Once their population increases to the Mob level, and they have taken over and implemented Sharia Law, the country lives under strict tyranny.  Women must cover themselves from head to toe and will be beaten if not, husbands can rape whomever they want (including children down to 6 years old), men can marry up to 4 wives, and of course, they can kill all infidels they see.

They even have a list of who they prefer to kill, in chronological order.  First are Jews.  They absolutely abhor Jews, and they are at the top of their list.  They are like Hitler, and would like to see them all wiped from the face of the earth.  Second on the list are Christians.  It is ironic that our glorious Pope steps so low as to kiss the feet of those that want he and all of his followers destroyed. And last on the list is anyone else that is not a Muslim.  Basically the entire world. 

Now don't get me wrong, they don't want to kill absolutely everybody.  If anyone that is non-Muslim converts to Islam and pays a penance, they may be spared.  This does not mean that they are completely accepted, they are just tolerated, and will forever be a 2nd class citizen.  Kind of a grim scene for every non-Muslim, isn't it.

This makes me wonder 'Just exactly why are we not realizing their plans and fighting back?'  Well that is the question of the day, isn't it.  Let's just hope that everyone that has weapons, keeps them well hidden until it is time to use them. It is obvious that our governments and police in the West are not concerned with our safety.  We may just have to look after ourselves and our families when the time comes and fight off this Mob of Madmen.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

There are ONLY TWO types of people in the world

1. Those that are amazed at what the world has to offer them and try to enjoy it's beauty without damaging it.  They work hard and believe in helping their fellow man, while making the world a better place for their families.  These people can be from any race and can belong to any religion, but ultimately, they are GOOD people. You can't identify any specific group that contains good people because they all have both good and bad in them.

2. The second group are those that are inherently BAD people, completely self-centered.  They have no consideration for the earth or for other people, unless it benefits them in some way.  Some of them pretend to be good people, but it is on a facade.  They don't care who is destroyed or killed on their way to their 'success', or how much the earth is damaged in this pursuit.  They can be of any religion or race or culture, but they have one thing in common - they are pure EVIL.

At this point in time, GOOD people are being tested by BAD people.  Many are using religion to cover up their real motives. Some are destroying the earth only for their personal greed.  Some feel that they are superior to everyone else and that they have the right to trample them.  Others do it strictly for power.  What is truly sad though, is to see basically GOOD people follow BAD people's teachings, and then turn BAD themselves.

We see that so clearly today (well, at least some of us see it clearly).  Politicians lying and cheating their way into office and then stealing from their people to pay back their BAD financial backers.  Christian leaders only interested in amassing more church/personal wealth from their flocks of sheep.  Muslim's following a book written by a psychopath, telling them to destroy all non-Muslims.  Rich bankers creating wars and toppling governments for their own greediness, creating a culture of slaves.

GOOD people will have to wake up soon, before our beautiful earth and all it's inhabitants are completely destroyed.  The time has passed for being understanding and forgiving of EVIL.  It is time to stop turning the other cheek and fight back.

Monday, March 21, 2016

How I'd love to live my life and with others would too.

1. Visit my family more often and hug them each and every time.
2. Help those less fortunate than myself.
3. Those I help that show not gratitude, fuck off and help no more.
4. Believe in a higher being and goodness, refraining from joining any religion or cult.
5. Work hard all my life and plan for my own retirement.
6. Help my children achieve a higher education.
7. Contribute something tangible to the world, writing, music, etc.
8. Consider the earth first in all decisions.
9. Treat animals as kindly as people.
10. Give criminals a second chance, but not a third.
11. Respect all cultures and religions as long as they respect my beliefs and do not try to force theirs on me.
12. Support only those politicians that are honest.
13. Support bailouts of Canadian ONLY companies that, in turn, support Canadian workers.
14. Look for ways to decrease my fossil fuel consumption.
15. Try to live and eat healthy for a long life with my family.
16. Investigate the issues and believe what I have determined is the truth.
17. In any way possible, attempt to pay fewer bank user fees and interest, and reduce my taxes whenever possible.
18. Support helping those in need in my own country, before those in other countries.
19. Establish a long list of true friends.
20. Treat everyone with dignity and respect, just as I expect them to treat me.
21. Try to ignore the terrible things happening in the world and try to retain a semblance of happiness.
22. Think before I speak and before I post online.
23. See the world, or what's left of it - before it is destroyed by men.

Name one religion that is truly good...

It has taken me many years to realize that I DO NOT want to be part of any religion.  Every religion I have ever investigated wants complete control over your mind, your actions and/or your money.  There appear to be 3 main religions in today's world, the big three, and they are all corrupt.  They all have in-fighting and various sects that have broken away from their original philosophy.

Take the Jewish Faith for instance.  There are the staunch Orthodox Jews that believe they are the true 'Children of Israel', and that the Zionists that live in Israel are not true children of Israel.  They refuse to believe Christ was God's son, and were even the instrument of his death.  They believe they are currently in their 2000 years of banishment from their homeland, and that God will save them and put them in charge of the world if they blindly follow the laws of the Toran.  The Zionists, on the other hand, believe in monetary and military control of their homeland, and that the Orthodox Jews are old fashioned.

They we have Islam.  If all Muslims followed the teachings of the Quran, they would be the chosen people.  Anyone in their way that does not convert to the Islamic Faith should be destroyed.  They are similar to Orthodox Jews insofar as they believe in strict adherence to their Imams (similar to Orthodox Rabbi's), but they take it a step further.  If you leave their faith, you should be killed along with the non-Muslim infidels.  They demand complete submission to the faith and any rules they determine to be from their savior, Mohammad.

Then there are the thousands of sects of Christianity, with the Catholics leading the charge.  Their phylosophies are much less stringent than the other two religions, but in essence, they want their followers to blindly follow their many rules and regulations from Jesus Christ. Of course they have uses Christ's name to try to convert half of the world, and in many cases, with violence; but their fundamental belief is that Jesus Christ was the son of God, and that he died for everyone's sins.  To make it even worse, he was Jewish, and was condemned by the Jewish people of the time.  Christianity seems to be more concerned with peoples money today, rather than their souls.

I have come to the conclusion that the majority of religious leaders today are more concerned with power, control and amassing wealth than any of them are for the congregations they supposedly represent.  When you take these perverted idealists and give them the power to control the world's finances, the world's leaders, and the world's new media, you can see that the entire world is in dire straits.  If it didn't appear to be a truly life and death struggle, it might be interesting to watch - from the sidelines.

I hope, that if there is a true God, these people will be first on his list of those to destroy when Armageddon finally arrives.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Allah and God are at war, and nobody seems to know it.

Many religions/cults throughout history have not gotten along.  Unfortunately the two big guns, Christianity and Islam seem to be starting one of the biggest religious wars in modern history.  And everyone seems to be ignoring it, or calling it something different altogether.  The concept of multiculturalism and political correctness currently being followed and promoted by the West are promoting this clash.

Mixing Christians and Muslims is like mixing oil and water.  Allowing Muslims to immigrate into a Christian Society is inviting disaster.  Islam does not want to join another countries culture or religion, it wants to dominate it or stamp it out completely.  Islam is a cult of deception and lies, hatred and death.  Christianity is a religion of peace and love.  Can you understand why the two might not get along?

Any sane person or government can clearly see that when a group threatens that it will use the guise of refugees to smuggle their terrorists into Europe and the West, they might follow through on their threat.  When their holy book tells them to lie to all infidels, particularly when they are outnumbered, that their talk just might be lies. When their culture tells them that it is fine for men to marry and rape any female over 9 years old, that this might just be at odds with Western Culture?

My forefathers fought to keep our Canadian values, and it is absolutely sickening to watch our Government (if you want to call them that) pay to bring in these people that have threatened our culture, give them housing, food and money, and to be repaid with disdain and showing little or no gratitude.  While at the same time, our homeless and veterans are living outside in our cold Canadian winters.  Christian prayers have been removed from our schools, and this ridiculous Canadian government are giving these 'refugees' warm homes and expense accounts for food.  Now they are being given free computers, supposedly for job training, but of course they can be used to communicate with other terrorists in the Middle East.

Humanity is something we should all display, and I'm sure there are many refugees that are just trying to save their families and remove them from a war-torn country.  I don't mind my tax dollars going to help these unfortunates.  But when they come to Canada and immediately try to change our laws, one piece of straw at a time, disrupt our constitution and force Sharia Law on us; then that is too much.  The ones that don't want to assimilate into Canadian Culture and follow Canadian Laws - ship them home.  They are not true refugees, they are dissidents; and if they have somehow become citizens, they are treasonous.

The religious war has begun, and the sooner we realize it, the sooner we will be able to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  As a twit on Facebook said the other day, 'All of you armchair commenters sound tough from your computers'.  Armchair commentators can also stand..

Friday, March 11, 2016

What is really going on in Europe and the West with the influx of Muslims?

In Europe, the mass takeover by Muslims is amazing.  Not only have millions flooded in undeterred, many of these are thought to be terrorists.  They have been given a safe haven, money, and even secure neighborhoods (free from policing), to plan their next attacks and eventual takeover of Europe.  The men don't even have to work, giving them unlimited free time to rape and spread their seeds throughout the world.

Somehow they have either bought off the politicians and news media, or these two are just inept at knowing what is really happening in their countries.  For any government to give precedence to an invading army over it's own people and culture is complete lunacy - unless there is another agenda in play behind the scenes.  What might that agenda be?  I can understand the philosophies behind Islam, but what in God's name are the politicians objectives?

What better way to disrupt and eventually take over a country when your religion/race is the minority.  File racism and freedom of religion charges against the residents of the country that fight against you, tying up the courts and news with these bogus complaints.  This gets the public's attention away from the real plan.  What is that plan?  Well, I'm not sure myself, but I am sure we will find out, once their numbers increase.

In the USA, they have much smaller numbers of those blindly following Islam, and they are currently concentrating on the divide and conquer tactics using organizations like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to keep things stirred up, and people's minds on minuscule issues rather than the real issues.  Issues like rape, stoning, terrorism and religious domination.  The same is true for Canada.  This next US election will be a turning point for Americans, and let's hope it is a turn in the positive direction, not down the road to hell.

Myself, I do not blame the Muslims themselves for all of our current woes.  They are just sheep following their false prophet, and although they are fanatics and their religion is one of hate, they are just doing what they are told to believe and do.  No different, in many ways, than any of the other supposedly civilized religions.  It is the world leaders that have gotten us into this mess, both through their actions and inaction's, and they should be the ones to eventually pay the price.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It is so sad when a person makes every decision in life based on ONE physolophy...

For example, a true Christian will 'turn the other cheek' until the sun sets.  No matter what you do to them or their families, they will respond to your atrocities with kindness and forgiveness.  Sure this is fine when they are helping those people truly in need, or managing their own lives in general. They even go so far as to graciously let other people have different beliefs than theirs.  They always expect that the goodness in people will eventually win out. 

Unfortunately they are wrong!  There are some extremely terrible people out there, running countries, controlling the banks, raping the land; and other religions with philosophies that are exactly the opposite of their own beliefs of generosity and kindness.  Religions that teach hatred, deceit, domination and worse, death to those that don't believe as they do.

Judaism is a perfect example of taking 'turn the other cheek' to the limit.  Most of them stood by and watched as Hitler tried to destroy their race/religion.  They hoped that it wasn't really happening and that no one in their right mind would try to eliminate every Jew they came in contact with.  They were wrong, and before they had the chance to stand up for themselves (if they would have in the first place), 6 MILLION or more of them were murdered.

Islam and Muslims are on the opposite end of this 'kindness' spectrum.  They don't believe in helping others, they believe in dominating them or killing them, whichever comes first.  They don't believe people are equal, they are superior to all others; and Muslim men are even superior to Muslim women.  Their prophet was a bully that killed everything and anyone in his path, and he was nice enough to pass on his teachings to his ignorant people.

Islam has been fighting for over 1300 years, and for some reason has recently increased its efforts again.  They have been fighting each other during most of this period, but have now concentrated their efforts on Christianity and our Western Culture; albeit relatively peacefully at the moment.  And it is working because the West is living the life of luxury and seems to be oblivious to this quiet attack.  Let's hope they wake up soon, and remember that the Bible (or any person with common sense) also teaches that a person has the right to protect themselves and their beliefs - even if their own government will not.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

We no longer live in a Democracy in North America...

I would call it more of a corrupt socialistic system that is beginning to lean toward fascism, whereby we are not controlled by a single dictator, but multiple political dictators.

To explain, citizens work at their individual jobs or careers, and taxes are automatically deducted from their pay before they get their money.  The amount of their taxes are arbitrarily decided by the government.  The government can assign different tax amounts to different groups (ie. single parents, married couples, businesses, etc.) at their own discretion.

The governments can then distribute these funds to upgrade the countries infrastructure, build armies for the people's protection, and other necessities for the citizens in general.  But, in addition to providing funds for national projects, the politicians have now made it possible to donate tax dollars to other countries in need, use funds to support immigration, increase their own pay and pensions, and a myriad of other outside interests.  Whenever they are faced with a law that excludes them from spending OUR tax dollars in a certain way, they can simply change the law.  Oh, to be so lucky as to use someone else's money to pay oneself and even give oneself an increase whenever you want.

And unfortunately for the average citizen, this club of politicians is an exclusive one.  In order to be elected, you either have to be rich yourself, have a rich family or family name, or lastly, have rich supporters to promote you as a candidate.  If you are independently rich, you will be able to generally follow your own conscience after elected, but if you have been financially sponsored, you will eventually be required to pay back your benefactors through contract allocation, or some other method of payback.

So basically the democratic process in North America is a farce, and democracy itself is becoming obsolete.  Democracy is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  It North America it has become a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich; and the rich politicians in control spend our hard-earned tax dollars like it was their own and it will never run out - which is unfortunately correct.

The above describes the socialistic aspect of our governments in North America (and Europe for that matter), but why say it is leaning towards fascism?  Well, with the recent forced immigration into Christian democratic societies with Middle Eastern backwards Islamists, our governments are now telling us that we cannot complain about this without being labelled as a 'racist' or 'promoting religious hatred'.  Many patriotic citizens are being harassed and even charged for defending their own countries, and news media are also afraid to print the truth about what is happening.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the future when they run out of tax dollars (or people figure out a way to stop paying taxes) trying to feed all these new freeloaders, and governments have to borrow from the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's to stay in business.  It should be interesting.

Friday, March 4, 2016

I don't consider myself Christian or a member of any other religious organization...

The descriptions in the attached describing Satan are so much like the Muslim Faith, it is scary.  I sure hope Christians stop turning the other cheek, and Agnostics wake up soon, before they are completely overrun.  With the current refugee crisis, it is sad there is no easy way to separate the truly needy from the demons hiding amongst them.

*** You know, as a footnote, this could also apply to Western Government Leaders in many ways.

Characteristics of Satan
 1. Created by God, but not equal to God. (Proverbs 16:4)  Mohammad?
 2. Defies God and despises truth. (John 8:44) It is OK to lie to infidels/kafirs.
 3. Was given limited power. (Job 1:8-12) Must govern its members with fear.
4. Commands a hierarchy of demons. (Eph. 6:10-12) Imams?
 5. Masquerades as "an angel of light." (2 Cor. 11:14-15) Uses 'racism' for sympathy.
 6. Plans to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10) Yep, they sure do this.
 7. Rules the masses outside God’s protection. (Eph. 2:1-3) Goal is to convert any non-Muslim to Islam or kill them.
8. Keeps seeking an "opportune time" to tempt us. (Luke 4:13) Invading Christian countries now.
9. Tries to hide the actual truth about our God. (2 Cor. 4:3-4) Divides and uses Christians.
10. Offers counterfeit promises he can't fulfill. (Gen. 3:4-5) Promises Sharia Law is the only Law.
11. Twists Scriptures to fit his purposes. (Gen. 3:1-5) Uses Christianity's forgiveness virtue to its benefit.
12. Will suffer the fate he deserves. (Revelation 20:10) If the West ever wakes up, it will be destroyed.

Funny how Mohammad's name has the word 'ham' in it...

Monday, February 29, 2016

Radical Islam vs. Moderate Islam

Over the past few years, the animosity between Muslims (Islam) and the West (Christianity) has become worse.  Sure, this has greatly been aggravated by the USA and other powerful countries butting into Muslim countries business.  However, this problem has been brewing for centuries, and can't completely be blamed on recent idiotic western leaders.

Like any religion or culture, Islam is led by not only it's Imams, but in many cases, by the rich leaders of Middle Eastern countries.  Many of these leaders fanatically follow their holy book the Quran.  Many passages of the Quran were written by their prophet, Mohammad, and he was a war lording fanatic.  The new leaders are passing his rulings down to their millions, and are strict in it's enforcement.

For example, women are subservient to men and must dress in total body coverings or face the punishment of stoning, acid or even death.  It is fine for a man to rape a woman, but the woman then becomes an adulteror, and can be yet again punished.  If a person of another faith does not convert to Islam, they can be fined, and if they don't pay the fine, they can be killed.  It is allowed to lie to unbelievers, or infidels, in order to accomplish your goals as set out in the Quran.  The object of this religion is to force everyone to become Muslim, and to impose Sharia Law on them.

Oh, and you can't say anything bad about the religion or Mohammad without incurring a death sentence.  As well as declaring war on the West and we infidels, they have stated that they will not only use terrorism, but will now infiltrate our countries with refugees, and destroy our culture from within.  They are currently doing this with mass immigration in Europe, the USA and now Canada.  They are disrupting our legal system with false racist charges, blocking our news from being critical of their atrocities, and now infiltrating our political systems.

Now we have the 'Moderate' Muslims, if there is such a thing.  Many of these people have tried to escape the opression of the previous lives under Sharia Law, and have landed in Western Democratic countries.  They still practice many parts of their religion, but are less bullish in trying to get others to accept their religion and laws.  I would call them 'Sitting on the Fence' Muslims or perhaps 'False' Muslims.

They practice just enough of their faith to hopefully get themselves and their families into paradise.  They are very similar to Christians that don't attend church, but preach their religion to everyone who will listen, but fortunately not quite as persistent as the Jehovah's Witnesses, who would make great Radical Muslims themselves.  They are afraid to speak out against their Imams, particularly if they have the radical ones, but go through all the motions of being a TRUE Muslim.  These wimps give support to their fellow radical murders, in the name of Islam, simply through their silence. 

Anyway, back to our problem.  We in the West, have a lot of Liberal thinkers that see the good in all people and blindly accept that their may be a few bad eggs in the bunch, but you can't judge an entire religion by a few radicals.  However, they forget, the Radicals are leading the pack, and if they say kill infidels or be killed, they will kill infidels.  I'm sure the German people were pretty nice during the Second World War, but they did what their leader Hitler told them, for fear of punishment or death, and the atrocities performed by these nice people were horrendous.

Today we have Donald Trump running for President on one side, threatening to stop all Muslim immigration into the USA until this problem is sorted out;  and Angela Merkel on the other side, allowing Muslims into her country and Europe by the millions, not bothering to see which ones may be trying to rape or kill her citizens.

Call me old fashioned or a redneck, but when a culture or religion declares war on me personally, I would prefer to follow Donald's plan for the present.  I can't tell the good Muslims from the bad Muslims, and I have absolutely NO faith that our government can either.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Liberals and changes to Canadian Citizenship...

I have decided that I want to erase the word 'liberal' from my vocabulary.  It is forever linked to the word 'moron' in my opinion.

They are now proposing changes to the requirements for becoming a new citizen, that once you attain the citizenship 'privilege', it can never be taken away, and even changing the language requirements for new citizens.

So, in effect, anyone can come to Canada, without being required to speak English or French, and attain their citizenship.  They can then disrupt our countries laws and religions, go fight in terrorist wars, beat and rape women, and feel confident that they will now be protected under our new, revised citizenship laws.  This is absolutely sickening, and heaven help the public if they are given driver licenses and cannot read road signs.

Supposedly the 'morons' do not believe that there is a difference between the citizens that were born in Canada, a land of freedom, fought for by their ancestors; and newly arrived refugees.  They call it a two tiered system of Citizenship and don't believe in it - well I do.  So here we go again, changing laws to accommodate freeloaders or the squeaky-wheel.  I can't believe our noodle government is again defacing Canadian laws, giving foreigners more rights than it's citizens.  Shame on you.

I sincerely hope it comes back and bites them 'personally' in the arses.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Spanking - I saw this on Facebook today and just had to comment...

What a crock of shit.  This is one of the main reasons for many of societies problems today.  I don't know whether it is due to the fact that most families have two working parents today in order to survive, and they just don't have the time to discipline their children.  Or perhaps it is just the way society is heading.

Whatever the reason, we are creating a generation of children, soon to be adults, that are bullies, that have no determination of what is right and what is wrong, and who have learned NOT to take responsibility for their negative actions.  If a child learns that his parents will not correct him in a meaningful way if he does something wrong or breaks the rules, he/she has thus learned that there will be no consequences to their actions.

This can include minor actions such as simply breaking rules, to heavier actions such as bullying, hurtful actions to others, and even murder.  The parent that didn't take the time to discipline their children feels remorse and shame if their child goes onto murder.  The liberal parent blames society or the other person for their child's actions.

Not only does this new generation have defective morals, they also grow up to be adults with no backbone.  Because their parents taught them to discuss anger issues and the other problems they face growing up, when faced with true adversity, they prefer to talk rather than to stand up for the morals that they weren't taught. Other stronger-willed persons can basically walk all over them.  Kind of like what is happening in Europe right now with the migrant problem.

Argue all you want about sparing the rod, but it is so true.  If you spare the rod, you spoil the child, and our new generation of leaders will be weak and spoiled.  You asked for it, you got it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I think about how beautiful the world WAS, and still could be.

I think about my beautiful Province of BC and Canada and how we have so many renewable resources to use and sell, that we could almost be self-sufficient.  The excellent climate and the fantastic forests, rivers, lakes and of course the Pacific Ocean with its bounty of fish (albeit radiation from Japan).  The diversified people and their generous ways.  It would be so nice if the world would just leave us alone to enjoy our lives in peace, while at the same time, enjoying their own.

But life isn't always so wonderful.  There are people in the world that are inhumane to animals.  Locking up creatures in zoos and in ocean parks.  Even going so far as to mistreat the animals we raise for consumption. Mean people with no apparent souls and no respect for life.

We also have the rich corporate giants raping the earth for profit.  Destroying our environment and depleting our oceans.  Consuming oil and timber like gluttons. Burying grain and fish to drive up prices, while the poor starve in third world countries.  These corporate leeches have not respect for anything but the almighty dollar.

Religious fanatics that are so weak that they prey on the uneducated and unwanted.  Fanatics that declare war on anyone that does not believe as they do.  Fanatics that murder and cut off heads, rape women and children, and torture others just because they are stronger or outnumber their so-called enemy.  Inhuman people that live off others fear,while trying to force their beliefs on the world.

Corrupt politicians that appear to be the slaves of the rich corporations that have no respect for their citizens, unless there is a profit in it for them.  There are weak politicians that bend to whatever wind is the strongest, whether it is morally right or wrong, eroding our rights and freedoms.  And there are a few strong ones out there too that try to control weaker countries governments, to rape their resources or to create unrest and wars.  Politicians that have never actually worked a day in their lives, but grew up with a golden spoon in their mouths.  Liars, cheaters, thieves, manipulators.

People are so complacent today that they seem to ignore these monsters living among us.  I don't know if it is tolerance or acceptance of the numerous atrocities, but they don't seem to see what is going on around them.  When will they wake up and start to fight back?  When will they run out of cheeks to turn, and develop a backbone?  When will they stand up for their children and grandchildren before it is too late?

I don't believe in harming any person or creature, but my wish for all of these bastards responsible for the destruction of the earth, and its last remaining GOOD people - May you ROT IN HELL.  And the sooner the better.

****I think I'll now take off my shoes and socks and walk around for awhile to try and release some of this negative energy that I am receiving from these nasty people in the world and weakling politicians.  I'd like to feel positive again.

Monday, February 15, 2016

I found this. Have Western Governments gone mad? - I am offended...

I Am OffendedAnonymous
I am offended that our Government uses my tax dollars to pay for both legal and illegal refugees, while I may have to pay their living expenses indefinitely.
I am offended that these refugees can ignore our laws, while following their perverted religious laws that conflict with ours, and we can be charged for disputing this.
I am offended that they can blast their whining ‘call for prayer’ five times a day in public, while we must practice our eroding religion quietly and peacefully, losing holidays for fear of offending them.
I am offended that our Government builds them special rooms in schools, neighborhoods and even at workplaces, and the Lord’s Prayer has been removed from our school system.
I am offended that they feel that women are second class citizens and if over nine years of age and wearing anything but full body covering in public, they are asking to be raped.
I am offended that their religion of dominance, hatred and disrespect of all other religions can be accommodated, while peaceful religions stifled; or everyone else for that matter.
I am offended that our Government is so disgustingly weak, that they bend to the will of this fanatical group, while at the same time, ignoring the will of its own citizens.
I am offended that their religious leaders are given the permission to teach their flock/children the hatred from their psychopathic leader, while Christianity teaches love and peace.
I am offended that they hate everyone outside their religion as infidels, and if others don’t accept their religion and prophet, they deserve to be killed.
I am offended that they are able to use our own acceptance and forgiveness against us by calling us racist when we speak out against them.
I am offended that they hide behind labels such as racist, Islamophobic and prejudice, while they are the worst racists and bullies in the world.
I am offended that the news only covers stories about those fighting against this plague, and news of their transgressions are ignored altogether.
Finally, I am offended that I have to sign this ‘Anonymous’ for fear of reprisal from my own Government.
But who am I?  Just a lonely white guy, and I’m sure that offends them.