Sunday, October 15, 2017

Face it - Western Democracy is broken.

Let's face it, when the only politicians that can run for office are the elite, the rich, or those owned by the elite and rich, then the system no longer works for the people.  When large corporations and banks buy the leaders of countries, you can bet that those countries will no longer be about people, but about profits.

One other fatal flaw of politics today, is that elections are built on lies.  It may be one of the only occupations in the world that is not premised by honesty, and after you have won with promises, and then don't keep them, nothing is done. There is no repercussions for failed responsibility.

Let's look at Justin Trudeau for an example.  His name is the first thing that allows him to stand out from the crowd.  Of course it is just a famous name, and may make him immediately recognizable, but it definitely doesn't qualify him for any position of trust.  His second big platform was to promise pot smokers, and there are apparently a lot in Canada, legal pot.

Then he promised the gays equality, aboriginals more money than they are already receiving for free, and Muslims and other illegal immigrants ease of access to citizenship and voting. The only promise he seemed eager to work on was his multicultural cabinet.  Let's see, they are definitely multicultural, but all appear equally incompetent or corrupt, just like him.

And what has he done - nothing promised, with one exception. He seems to feel criminals and terrorists are exempt from the law, and has taxed the middle class to death to pay for giving millions away terrorists, terrorist organizations and countries.  He lets veterans and the poor freeze and starve and squashes any business that is not affiliated with his sponsors.

And what can be done about it.  Obviously nothing, since the government owns the watchdog that could have him impeached.

Meanwhile, Canadian voters attend each election with the thought of getting rid of the bad and replacing it with the good, not understanding that however they cast their vote, they are voting for the same rulers.  They are given the perception of making a difference, but making no difference whatsoever.

What can be done about this corrupt system?  Well, voting doesn't seem to matter.  Running for office only means you will be eaten by the corrupt system.  Protesting, yeah like that will work.  I think the abused citizens of the world will wake up one day, dig up the guns they have buried, and fight back.  Not against the real rulers, but against the governments that are letting these corrupt control with greed and hatred.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How I can fly 1st Class to/from Mexico.

I have had an RBC Avion card for a few years now, but I really started using it for my own benefit when I retired 6 years ago.  The card gives you a form of airmiles as you use it, but I found that if you used the RBC airmile program, it would take years to actually get any benefit from the card.

Let me explain.  First, you must use the card for almost any purchase possible.  I use it for everything from paying bills (other than credit cards), to grocery shopping, to nights out.  It is important to pay off your entire monthly bill by the due date, so that you don't incur any interest charges.

Now, with RBC Avion, you have an option to transfer your points/miles to other travel providers, such as Westjet and American Airlines, to name a few.  In the past, you could transfer your miles to these other companies programs on a 1 to 1 basis, but American has finally caught on, and they have
adjusted their program to take into consideration the exchange between Canadian and US dollars.  I believe I now get 5,000 American Airlines points for 7,000 RBC points.  No problem.

Once you have a balance of 32,500 points in your American Airlines program, you are ready to fly from Victoria to Mexico City (that is the route I take every fall and spring).  There is one more trick you need to use to take advantage of this.  Because there are only a certain number of First Class seats available on flights, and because AA only assigns one or two to air mile users, you have to book your flight way in advance.  I know the approximate dates that I travel to Mexico every year, so this is not a problem for me.

As an example, I have just booked my return flight to Victoria on April 30, 2018.  It cost me 32,500 air miles and around 80.00 Cdn for airport costs.  I will fly 1st Class from Mexico City, to Los Angeles, then 1st Class from Los Angeles to Seattle, and then a smaller shuttle from Seattle to Victoria.  It adds a little more time to a direct flight trip, and lands in the USA (which some Canadians try to avoid), but travelling can't get much better.

You are first on the plane, given free beverages and are spoiled rotten.  A meal usually comes with each leg of the trip (served with real cutlery, not  plastic), and you are first off the plane.  I have calculated that the amount of points I use roughly translates into 300.00 Cdn, plus the 80.00 airport fee, is my cost.

If you try to book a flight 1st Class without this system, it can cost up to 3,000 Cdn for the same itinerary.  Gotta love air miles.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Vault 7

I came across this recently.  I had never heard of it before.  If you believe the contents, it makes you wonder just who is running the USA, and who is behind all the hacking.  Any comments?

Wikileaks - Vault 7

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Quebec Mosque Shooting - January, 2017.

Peter Mansbridge at Kate Purchase Wedding in Italy

I am patiently waiting for further news on the Quebec Mosque shooting that happened in January this year.  I must say that I was horrified as I first watched the news that morning, and read various posts, tweets, and other information as it was provided.  I watched interviews of people stating that they were sure there were two or three gunmen involved. I read information about a police chase of the perpetrators.  Later that day, I read that there was only one 'terrorist' involved, a student named Alexandre Bissonnette.  And to top it off, he was s a Trump supporter - he's gotta be crazy.

I went back to the Twitter, Facebook and the Canadian News channels where I had seen the original information, and it had all just disappeared, or had been changed to solely identify this one young man.  What was going on?  Were the witnesses wrong?  Did Fox and other news agencies get it all wrong?

Recently, while trying to follow up on this story and the fate of Alexandre Bissonnette, I read that shortly after this incident, Justin Trudeau's Director of Communications, Kate Purchase, sent an email to Fox News, strongly advising them to delete their tweets.  Could it be that the Liberals wanted to make Alexandre Bissonnette appear to be a lone wolf terrorist, and if there were other gunmen of Middle Eastern persuasion, this theory would no be believed by Canadians?  Would the Liberals try to mislead Canadians for some illegitimate purpose?

This story has all but died on the news, and I wonder if we will ever find out the truth?  Of course, we will have to believe anything Peter Mansbridge and the CBC tell us, there is no conflict between the CBC and the Liberals, they are obviously just family. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Keep Canada Canadian

What exactly is Canada?  Do we have a history, a culture?  I think we do.  We have:

1. Oh Canada, our song
2. The Mapleleaf, our flag
3. A Constitution, oh well, in 1982, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms took effect.  Funny it was Pierre Trudeau that changed this.
4. A Justice System that sometimes works
5. The R.C.M.P., who are becoming illegal alien bellboys
5. Two distinct societies, English and French
6. A National Bird, the Gray Jay
7. A National Animal, The Beaver
8. A National Tree, The Maple
9. A National Flower, The White Trillium
10. Christian Values, Monogam, and finally

A leader that believes in none of that nationalism is racism.

Is the earth being colonized without our knowledge?

The Plan

1. Infiltrate the population, and convince them you are one of them, and not alien.
2. Using advanced technology, control the world financial system, by forcing ALL governments to be indebted to you. Creation of a world bank would be the best way to accomplish this.
3. Convince people that it is politically incorrect to follow Darwin’s Theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Make it racist or bigoted to harm any of the species that are weak, thus creating a society of weakness, rather than one of strength. Eliminate fairness and honesty by making them unfair and dishonest.
4. Place different societies at odds so that natural animosities (such as race, skin color, language, etc.) against each other are intensified. Possibly use war areas to displace its inhabitants, then assist them to travel to nearby countries with completely different beliefs and laws.
5. Infiltrate governments and force them to idly stand by while tensions increase. They can even play a larger role by actually creating these tensions and placing their own peoples at risk, then telling security and police to do nothing.
6. When it is not feasible to use greed as leverage, pit archaic religions against one another. Ensure religious beliefs can be easily radicalized. This will add fuel to the already created societal tensions.
7. Allow your technology to be used, in a controlled way, to advance to the point that the entire race has the capability to destroy itself, but not so much as to defend itself against other more advanced civilizations.
8. Control the food chain by introducing products harmful to humans, while at the same time, controlling the pharmaceutical industry with overpriced and harmful medicines. Convince people that natural medicine is archaic and inadequate.
9. Support the election of world leaders that can be bought by this monetary system, and make them puppets of your people in charge of world finances. Insane leaders would be the best.
10. After countries have succumbed to greed and hatred, and have begun to destroy each other, attack.

*Please note, do not wait until the inhabitants of the planet have completely destroyed the ecosystem.  Okay, I've gone off the deep end finally.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Oh, Please come back Canada.

If I believe that the age of sexual consent should NOT be lowered from 18 (or 16 in some cases) to 9, if I believe that women are worth more than 1/2 of men, if I believe that gays should NOT be thrown off roofs, if I believe a raped woman DOES NOT require 4 witnesses to prove her case, if I believe that dogs and pigs are NOT disgusting and should NOT be killed, if I believe that all Jews and Christians should NOT be killed, if I believe that anyone that slanders my god/prophet should NOT be killed, if I believe that anyone that wants to leave my religion should NOT be killed, if I believe that if my daughter dishonors me, I CANNOT kill her, if I believe that criminals CANNOT just walk across our border, then yes, I am a racist and possibly an Islamophobe. 

I believe in a Canada that my forefathers fought for, and the laws and cultures that have been established here for hundreds of years, not in a weak government that will change these laws at the drop of a hat (against their own citizens), and give our hard-earned tax dollars to foreign countries that potentially have the ability to be richer than Canada. I believe in a Canada where the RCMP are not bellboys and actually solve crimes, where the Armed Forces protect the people, not the corrupt government, and where citizens can speak their minds without fear of being arrested.

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe our arrogant governments have lost touch with who they are working for - their citizens, and if they don't realize their error soon, they will become obsolete.